How it all started

Positive Motives was started in 2017 in Colorado Springs, CO by Alex Carter. With inspiration drawn from hip-hop and skateboarding he created a streetwear line with the focus to bring people together and motivate others to follow their dreams. Positive Motives strives to create t-shirts, fleece, headwear, outerwear, and accessories that spread a positive message.

Spread Peace, Pursue Growth.
— Positive Motives

Early Start

Alex started his design career spending a few years at a newspaper, but starting a clothing line was always the dream. With an opportunity through a friend, he moved to Colorado Springs in 2017 and after a few short weeks, he had a job as a screen printer. Spending his days learning the trade of screen printing, and his nights working on Positive Motives, his vision was finally coming together. In March of 2017, Positive Motives opened its first online store selling made-to-order clothing.


Positive Motives will be the #1 company in motivational streetwear. We work hard to produce the highest quality products that we can offer to our community, and focus on providing amazing collections that both motivate and inspire.